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Commonly Using Abbreviation in Nursing Field

Commonly Using Abbreviation in Nursing Field

Abbreviation and its Meaning

@:                   at

ABGs: arterial blood gases

ADA:               American Diabetes Association or American Dietetic Association

ADH:               antidiuretic hormone

AF:                  atrial fibrillation

Ag:                   silver or antigen

AHCD:            advanced health care directive

AKA:                above the knee amputation

ALOC:             altered level of consciousness

a.m.a.:             against medical advice

AMB or amb: ambulatory

amp:                ampule

AP:                  apical pulse or anterior and posterior

AS:                  aortic stenosis

ASD:               atrial septal defect

AST:                aspartate aminotransferase

ax:                   axillary

BE:                  barium enema

BKA:                below the knee amputation

BMR:               basal metabolic rate

BPH:               benign prostatic hypertrophy

BRP:       bathroom privileges

BSC:               bedside commode

BSI:                 body substance isolation

BUN:               blood urea nitrogen

c:                     with

C&S:               culture and sensitivity

CA:                  cancer or carcinoma

CAD:               coronary artery disease

CAPD:             continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis

cath:                catheter or catheterize

CBI:                 continuous bladder irrigation

cc:                   cubic centimeter

CC:                  chief complaint

CDE:               Certified Diabetes Educator

cg:                   centigram

CHO:               carbohydrate

Cl -:                  chloride or chlorine

CMS:               circulation, movement, sensation or color, movement, sensation

CNS:               central nervous system

CO:                 cardiac output or carbon monoxide

COPD :           chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

CPM:               continuous passive motion

CRT:               capillary refill time

CT:                  computed tomography or chest tube

CVP:               central venous pressure

dc; D/C:           discontinue

DIC:                 disseminated intravascular coagulation

dil:                    dilute or diluent

dl:                    deciliter

DNR:               do not resuscitate

DSD:               dry sterile dressing

DVT:                deep vein thrombosis

D5W:               5% dextrose in water

EC:                  enteric-coated

ECG; EKG:     electrocardiogram

EDB:               estimated date of birth

EEG:               electroencephalogram

elix:                  elixir

ENT:                ear, nose and throat

ER:                  extended release or Emergency Room

ESRD:             end-stage renal disease

ET:                  enterostomal therapist

F:                     Fahrenheit

FeSO4:            iron sulfate

FSBS: fingerstick blood sugar

FUO:               fever of unknown origin

g; gm; Gm:      gram

GI:                   gastrointestinal

grav I, II, III, etc: gravida (pregnancy) 1, 2, 3, etc.

gtt: drop or drops

GU:                 genitourinary

h:                     hour

H/A:                 headache

H&P:               history and physical examination

Hb; Hgb:          hemoglobin

HBV:               hepatitis B virus

Hct; HCT:        hematocrit

HEENT           head, eyes, ears, nose and throat

Hg:                  mercury

HIPAA:            Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

h/o:                  history of

HOB:               head of bed

HR:                  heart rate hs: at bedtime

I&D:                 incision and drainage I&O: intake and output

ICF:                 intracellular fluid ICP: intracranial pressure

ID:                   intradermal

IHI:                  Institute for healthcare improvement

INR:                 International Normalized Ratio

IOP:                 intraocular pressure

IS:                    incentive spirometry

IVDA:              intravenous drug abuse

JVD:                jugular vein distention or jugular venous distention

Kg:                   kilogram

KVO; kvo:       keep vein open

LA:                   left atrium or left atrial

LDH:                lactic dehydrogenase

LOC:               level of consciousness LP: lumbar puncture LUL: left upper lobe LUQ: left upper quadrant

LVH:                left ventricular hypertrophy

m:                    meter

M.A.R.:            Medication Administration Record mcg: microgram

MDI:                metered dose inhaler

met(s):             metastasis or metastases

Mg:                  magnesium

MICU:             Mobile Intensive Care Unit or Medical Intensive Care Unit

mm:                 millimeter

MRI:                magnetic resonance imaging

MVA:               motor vehicle accident

N:                    nitrogen Na: sodium

NICU:              Neonatal Intensive Care Unit NIH: National Institutes of Health

NKDA:             no known drug allergies

noc:                 night

NPSG             National Patient Safety Goals

NSAIDS:         nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

NWB:              non weight bearing or no weight bearing

OOB:               out of bed OR: Operating Room

O.T.:                Occupational Therapy or Occupational Therapist

p:                     after

PA:                  pulmonary artery

pc:                   after meals

PCN:               penicillin

PEEP:             positive end expiratory pressure

PERRLA:        pupils equal, round, reactive to light and accommodation

PICC:              peripherally inserted central catheter

PMH:               past medical history

PNA:               pneumonia

po:                   by mouth

pos:                 positive

PPD:               purified protein derivative

PPN:               partial parenteral nutrition

PRN:               as needed

pt; Pt:               patient

PTCA:             percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty

PUD:               peptic ulcer disease

PVD:               peripheral vascular disease

qid:                  four times a day

QSEN:            Quality and Safety Education for Nurses

RA:                  rheumatoid arthritis or right atrium

RLL:                right lower lobe

RML:               right middle lobe

ROM:              range of motion or rupture of membranes

RRR:               regular rate and rhythm

RT:                  Respiratory Therapist or Respiratory Therapy

RUQ:               right upper quadrant

Rx:                  treatment or take

SBO:               small bowel obstruction

SGOT:            serum glutamic oxaloacetic transaminase

SLE:                systemic lupus erythematosis

S.O.A.P.:         subjective, objective, assessment, plan

sol:                   solution

SR:                  sustained release

STAT:              immediately

Subcut:            subcutaneous

susp:                suspension

sx:                   symptoms or signs

T&C:                type and cross

TB:                  tuberculosis

TEA:                thromboendarterectomy

TIA:                 transient ischemic attack

tid:                   three times a day

TKR:                total knee replacement

TPR:                temperature, pulse, respirations

TURP:             transurethral resection of the prostate

up ad lib:          up as desired or up as freely as desired

US:                  ultrasound

V.A.C.:            vacuum assisted closure

VTBI:               volume to be infused

WBC:              white blood count or white blood cell

WNL:               within normal limits

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